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Regional Host Club Hub

Find what you need as the  Regional Host to have a successful regional Shoot. 

Regional Host Club Links to Information & Forms:

Start Here First —>  Regional Packet Letter - This has information about classification, awards, etc.  (Be sure to read it.  ALL of it!)

This one is a Must print & Send into the office  —>  Regional Report form - Be sure to fill this out and send it in after the shoot

Optional to print  —>  Regional Host Club Links to Information & Forms Document
This is a google doc with links to each of the forms shared here, but all in one google doc page format.  

Helpful Links  
Regional Record Link  This will take you straight to the regional record chart for your results.

Flighting Chart Link   This will take you straight to the flighting chart for results.

Print if you want:   ↓

Regional Form - Some clubs use these while others do not - up to you if you want to use this or just do a registration list (I would suggest getting a phone number in case you need to contact for an award)

Current membership application form (It's up to you if you want to print this, they can join and pay online)
QR Code Flyer 
print this so shooters can scan and go directly to the membership online page.

State Shoot Applications:  (again, up to you about printing this, they can register and pay online  - for 2024 there are no Indoor shoot forms due to the multi host sites. 

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