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Regional Host Club Hub

Find what you need as the  Regional Host to have a successful regional Shoot. 

Regional Host Club Links to Information & Forms:


Start Here First —>  Regional Packet Letter - This has information about classification, awards, etc.  (Be sure to read it.  ALL of it!)


Regional Form - Some clubs use these while others do not - up to you if you want to use this or just do a registration list (I would suggest getting a phone number in case you need to contact for an award)


This one is a Must print & Send into the office  —>  Regional Report form - Be sure to fill this out and send it in after the shoot


Print if you want:   ↓

Current membership application form (It's up to you if you want to print this, they can join and pay online)


State Shoot Applications:  (again, up to you about printing this, they can register and pay online

QR CODE -CLASSIFICATION Online Form - you can print it off for individuals to scan and use to fill in for classification updates.  - there is a code needed by the club - The code is - PSAA (don't share the code with the member please)


We are going to use the online Classification form - I ask that the club hosting witness the completion of this form ** CODE is PSAA   - Be sure to use this link to enter / update classification information (This can also be accessed on the website)

Be sure that if the member has a current class card, that you mark it on there as well!  



 We know this is a lot of information and I thank you for taking the time to read through it all and please reach out to your regional delegate if you have any questions! 

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