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Robert Albright (Deceased)

Jay Ashbaugh

Ronald Beane (Deceased)

Richard Bleakely (Deceased)

E. H. Braaten (Deceased)

Junior Paul Brawley

Charles E. Brown (Deceased)

LaRue Bruce

William Brueckner (Deceased)

Terry Butler

Marge Carnahan

Robert A. Cicula

Ann Clark

Darla Cotner (Deceased)

Ruth Cotner (Deceased)

Richard Debacco

Thomas A. Forbes (Deceased)

C. R. (Bud) Fowkes (Deceased)

Darrel Gehman

G. Marvin Goetz

Barbara A. Goss (Deceased)

Dick Goss (Deceased)

Nancy Heck

William Heck

Dick Hepler

Rodney L. Hoover

Will John (Deceased)

William Johnson (Deceased)

Vernon Kinsey (Deceased)

Herman Knoble (Deceased)

Brandy McRoberts

Eric McRoberts

Carole Meinhart (Deceased)

Jo Mentzer

Phil Mentzer

Linda A. Meyers

Rodney Miller (Deceased)

Albert C. Oswald (Deceased)

Jean Oswald

John Pawlowski

Jay Peake

Jim Persing

John Poole

George Provlic

Robert Sarver

Gregory Schoen
Keith Schuyler (Deceased)

Gary Seymour

Clayton B. Shenk (Deceased)

Margaret Shenk

Ralph L. Shope, Jr.

Glenn Shuey

John B. Sibly

Lawrence (Bud) Simon

George Slinzer (Deceased)

Janet Smouse

Bernie Soltysik

Connie Stevens

Odrun Stevens

Kerry Switzer

Alfred Towler

Vernon Vandevender (Deceased)

Richard W. Wallace

John Williams

Marty Yontz (Deceased)

Kelly Zerbe (Deceased)

Terry Zerbe

The PSAA Honorary Membership shall be bestowed sparingly and only in recognition of outstanding and unselfish contributions and exceptional merit and service to archery in any of its phases (including Bow Hunting), to the end that the PSAA Honorary Member shall for all time retain its place as the most highly esteemed PSAA Award.

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