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            The Pennsylvania State Archery Association (PSAA) was established in 1931 by a group of Pennsylvanians interested in all phases of archery from target shooting to hunting with bows and arrows.  That strong spirited interest still continues today.    

            The PSAA is made up of individuals, clubs, and businesses located throughout the state.  They are very active in protecting the interests of all bowhunters in Pennsylvania.  This happens through close contact with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the State Legislature, and other related agencies.  

 Perhaps this is reason enough for you to join the PSAA, but there are many more reasons.  One reason to join may be your interest in organized archery competition.  Regional Championships are held throughout the state annually.  These rounds include an Indoor 600 round, a 900 Target round, a 14 Field/ 14 Hunter round, and a 28 animal Bowhunter round.  The PSAA also holds 5 annual State Championships, which are a two-day Indoor 600 round, a one-day 3D round, a two-day 1200 and 900 Outdoor Target round, a two-day 28 Field/ 28 Hunter round, and a two-day 28 Animal Bowhunter round.

 The PSAA has established shooting rules and regulations that are fair and reasonable for men, women and youth archers who compete within their own skill levels.  A scoring classification system has been established for tournament archers, which allows them to compete against other shooters of near equal ability based on the type of equipment the shooter uses.

 Age and physical limitations are not barriers in PSAA archery.  So, if you own a bow, you belong in the PSAA. 

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