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PSAA Yearbook Current Edition

        Click on the section of information you would like to access within the yearbook using the General Index Below



This Book is divided into four parts:


Section A -   (Contains the Following)
    Board Member Information

    Scholarship Information 

    Meaning of Symbols in Club Specifications 

    Club Listings 



Section B - (Contains the Following) - see individual links

    Yearly Aggregate Champions 

    State All Time Records 

    Regional All Time Records 

     ** Listed by Region: Northeast, Southeast, NorthCentral, SouthCentral,

          Northwest, Southwest, Southmid, Northmid

    Honorary Life Members List           

Section C - (Contains the Following)

      PSAA Equipment & Round Rules - Index found at the beginning of the section
       Flighting Chart


Section D - (Contains the Following)

    Constitution & By-Laws - Index found at the beginning of the section

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